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  • Danger: Snowy Acres [Blizzards, Freezing]
  • No breeding or foaling
  • Places filled with snow, water will freeze up
  • Gloom woods extremely dangerous
  • Good place to go: Your own land, Places more to the south [Dew Drop Rainforest prefered by most horses]
  • Next season: Spring, starts August 12
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PostSubject: PurpleEquestrian's Unicorns   Sat May 09, 2009 7:22 pm

Name: FlameHooves
Age: 7
Gender: Stallion
Specias: Unicorn
Breed: Dark
Coat Color: Extremely dark blue
Hooves:[Equus] Extremely dark blue
Mane:[Equus] Fire
Tail:[Equus] Fire
Eyes: Fire
Horn/s: Red, with black burnt holes in it
Powers[5]: Teleportation, invisibility, controls fire, shapeshifting, power to turn anything black into black pearls
Personality: Mean, protective over those he loves, rude, proud, he has a nice side somewhere in him, not completely evil and untrustable.
Extra: Brother to Glow and Death, Protective over Glow
Picture: *Permission to use! Not mine!!*

Name: Glow
Age: 5
Gender: Mare
Specias: Unicorn
Breed: Dark
Coat Color: Black
Hooves:[Equus] Covered by feathers
Mane:[Equus] Mist
Tail:[Equus] Mist w/ red highlight
Eyes: Deep black
Horn/s: Clear like a crystal, but with a red glow
Powers[5]: Can turn into mist, can glow darker or brighter, invisibility, can echo her voice [like in a horror movie], has visions
Personality: Shy, timid, she very rarely is rude or mean, most other dark unicorns dont like her because they consider her too 'nice'
Extra: Sister to Flamehooves and Death, has glowing red markings
Picture: * NOT MINE *

Name: Death
Age: 8
Gender: Stallion
Specias: Unicorn
Breed: Dark/Blood
Coat Color: Black
Hooves:[Equus] Red
Mane:[Equus] Blood Red
Tail:[Equus] Blood Red
Eyes: Red
Horn/s: Yellow
Powers[5]: Black magic, teleportation, freeze time, controls darkness, invisibility
Personality: Mean, hateful, evil, don't trust him, trickster, deadly
Extra: Brother to Flamehooves and Glow, he really does hate Glow, he finds her an insult to have as a sister and wants her dead. A drop on his horn can burn anything it touches to it's death
Picture: * NOT MINE *
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PurpleEquestrian's Unicorns
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