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  • Danger: Snowy Acres [Blizzards, Freezing]
  • No breeding or foaling
  • Places filled with snow, water will freeze up
  • Gloom woods extremely dangerous
  • Good place to go: Your own land, Places more to the south [Dew Drop Rainforest prefered by most horses]
  • Next season: Spring, starts August 12
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 Diffrent sides,The Black and White wolf

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PostSubject: Diffrent sides,The Black and White wolf   Mon May 11, 2009 6:05 am

The Black and White wolf.....(Listen to the video while you read the first part)

"A Tale about a Black and white wolf, The Powerful black wolf of the night and the Majestic White wolf of the snow, Two powerful creatures, Never to cross paths.If they do,everything around them with be destroyed and anything.They say that the black wolf got it's powerful from a Whale's eye and the White wolf from the eye of a dragon but no ordinary whale or dragon.The Dragon came from the demon bird god named Rarintheous.The whales eye came from a Orca enchanted with the power of Orintheous the Wolf god Rarinteous's sister. Orintheous is more powerful then Rarintheous but thats another story.These two are always trying to kill each ther, they make there own packs with them as the leader Killing,slashing, until the other falls,3,000 Years ago these wolves were Enchanted with power.The black wolf looeks for the White wolf in the forest they dwell,but the black wolf dident get to kill her...Bears kileld the white wolf 20 years after she had gained her power....But before she died,She told the wolves around who and when the next White wolf will be....'Seek the human who befriends Orintheous she will lead you all'...Now today the wolves still wait for there white wolf to return,the Black wolf still waits as well.......'Come back White wolf,im still waiting for you!'........"

The two packs still wait to this day,for the return of their leader the white wolf.Some of the wolves from her pack have gone on a journey to find their leader and seek the human that will tell them where she is born.The black wolf died after a few years of a fight against humans .The two sides defending each others members and fighting out of anger.The packs dont fight anymore for now as they dont have a leader to guide them.Who is the white wolf and where is she??When will they find the black wolf??

bounce Rules bounce
Can be 2 wolves or just one
no other wolves but the one's i put up here
Im gonna make the white wolf be a pet to a human in the city.She doesent now who or what she is nither does any other creature as her powers havent come forth yet.
The black wolf is from another area,she lives on a farm as protection against other wolves for her master,she doesent now who she is either.
Please dont take or use any of the pictures i found without asking me
Follow the normal rules
Please do be detailed in what you do
Keep replies to atleast 3 sentances minimal
Have fun xDDDD

Around the 15th or 20th page they will find the new white wolf and around the 50th page the packs will be more calm with each other and avoid each other as much as possiable.

The White wolf's territory

The Black Wolf's territory

White wolf's pack of the Snow

The White wolf-Leader Played by:
Her name is Neuge (pronounced as nay-udge,meaning snow)
She is 3 years old now and doesent now much about her past nor that she is the Majestic White wolf of the snow and what her duty in life is.She is very queit and always has a smile along her features but can be very quick and smart when needed.

Ray-Deputy Played by:Wolves
He is the short-temper one of the pack who protects any of the members at any cost.He loves the pups and doesent talk much to another.

Aldene-Meaning wise and kind-Elder- pronounced Al-a-dine Played by:
Aldene is the kind and wise wolf of the pack about 10 years of age.He fortells the future when he gets a small image of it from month to month but can tell where it is.He can only see the backround and try to figure it our for himself

Choclate-Healer Played by:
Choclate is always kind and perky about 2 years.She talks and lightens anyone mood with her positive thinking and spirit.She is also very smart when it comes to medicine and can heal any wolf in need of it.

Akari-Hunter-Pronounced A-car-e Played by:
Akari is very silent and sly,only about 4 years of age.She can take down any meal needs for the pack big or small,being sneak in her movements.She could be a spy to from hwo stealthy she is but when it comes to the Night pack she doesent stand a good chance.

Akito-Fighter-Pronounced A-key-toe lol played by:
Akito is very funny and mysterious bout 5 years of age.He talks alot to keep everyone intertain and tells many jokes but is serious when it comes to a fight,which he nevers back down.He doesent talk about his past and ignores the question all together.

Maki-Hunter-Pronounced Mock-e Played by:
Maki is very cunning and smart about 3 years of age.She nows when she needs to use her head and how to do the things she does.Shes not only skilled in hunting but in setting traps as well.

Black Wolf's Night pack

The black wolf-Leader
Layla-Pronounced Lay-a meaning Night Played by:Wolves
Layla is very mean and strong about the age of 3.She can take down any ordinary wolf by herself and doesent now who or what she is just yet.No wolf has lived logn enough to find out the hiden secrets at which she doesent now herself.She can get reckles in a fight but takes little damage.

Rage-Deputy Played by:
Rage is very harsh and short temper about the age of 5.He snaps at anyone but says sorry a few hours later.He never backs away froma fight an always gives everything his best.He loves playing rough sometimes but can be very serious for some matters.

Silver-Hunter Played by:
Silver is intresting charector,her mood changes from diffrent emotions one to another,about the age of 5.She changes her moods quite frequently.She can be happy for a mintue then mad the next.When it comes to hutning she uses her head and works with her partner.

Kouya-Hunter Pronounced coy like coil-a Played by:
Louya is very skilled and silent.She does her best in the hunt and is very focoused with what she does.She could be talking then all of the sudden dash away and come back a half hour later dragging a large buck in her path.

Toxic-Fighter Played by:
Toxic is a very queit but quick fighter at the age of 7.He barley talks but it comes out in a smart alec tone when he does.At times he can be very sweet but barley shows his emotions and keeps to himself.He is very skileld in fighting and can set a trap for anyone to fall in.

Conrad-Elder pronoucned like Comrade meaning Honest adviser or brave and wise Played by:
Conrad is a very brave wolf and smart agout the age or 11.She can look very inoccent and old but if you push her bottons she will catch you in either a trap she made or a false truth.She can see the future like aldene.
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Diffrent sides,The Black and White wolf
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