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  • Danger: Snowy Acres [Blizzards, Freezing]
  • No breeding or foaling
  • Places filled with snow, water will freeze up
  • Gloom woods extremely dangerous
  • Good place to go: Your own land, Places more to the south [Dew Drop Rainforest prefered by most horses]
  • Next season: Spring, starts August 12
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 Hiden creatures

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PostSubject: Hiden creatures   Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:52 am

We grow up Baby big cats for a living but its not as easy as you think it is.People try and steal them for the fur to make money.We keep the cubs hiden from most people since we dont know who to trust these days.But thats not the only reason we have them.We have been hand choosen to bare the cats that are not like many others fore they can speak, do things normal ones could never do in a million years.They can speak, think, be quick in their actions not like many other cats are.Why have we been chosen for it?, well its not that people choose use but the cubs are the ones who choose.Will you keep your cat alive in its years of living?

Keep post slightly long xD
Follow normal rules ofthe site.
Can be detailed in whatever you do just not overboard with it.
Dont go more then a few post without me.

Use whatever form you like ^^ I used the form i did from another site.

[center]Tricky time never slows. .

James Harris
"Most people run from death, While I run to greet it.I live to kill and kill to live."
That moment walked me by without bothering to say. .

    FULL NAME:James Paul harris
    NICKNAME:James, JP
    BIRTHDATE:Apirl 23rd
    AGE IN TEXT:twenty-three
    OCCUPATION:College Professer, Biology/life sceince.

Lucky time never slows. .

    HAIR COLOR:Dark brown
    EYE COLOR:Left eye is Dark blue while his right is forest green
    DISTINGUISHING MARKS - FEATURES:A Deep scar across his back
    PLAY-BY:idk, I found this off google

That moment walked me by without bothering to. .

    LOVES:Almost anything, from reading to haveing fun at a party.He keeps his options open for anything.

    HABITS:Twitching, He could being standing still for a long period of time and then BAM he twitchs and kinda jumps almost.

    FEARS:James is mainly afraid of loseing his cat.He is always on alert being very protective of his only friend.

    PERSONALITY:James is very calm and smart.He rarely talks to another person and always is on the watch.He keeps himself concluded from others and never falls for a girl.He knows how to fight and not like some highschool one, he used to being in material arts and was a black belt until he just stopped going since he became a college professer.He can be rude at times but also can be very sweet since his mood changes from time to time.
      James truely acts like a Taurus. He is very patient and reliable, loving and warm-heared but if you get on his back side he could be Possessive and resentful.

Say Hello

    PARENTS/GUARDIANS: His dad had died a few years ago, His mom's name is Rose Harris, she lives not far from James..

    SIBLINGS: He has a younger sister named Katie
    OTHER: None
    -Shadow an 11 month year old Male Snow leopard

    HOMETOWN:Move alot



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Hiden creatures
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