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  • Danger: Snowy Acres [Blizzards, Freezing]
  • No breeding or foaling
  • Places filled with snow, water will freeze up
  • Gloom woods extremely dangerous
  • Good place to go: Your own land, Places more to the south [Dew Drop Rainforest prefered by most horses]
  • Next season: Spring, starts August 12
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 Claim of Akytor Forest

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PostSubject: Claim of Akytor Forest   Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:19 pm

Asmodeus peered around the forest, as he trotted on the Autumn leaves. By his side, skipped a girl around the age of twelve. Her rump length hair waved in the air, which Asmodeus' horn shined as bright as ever in the sun. He reared in front of the river as he reached it, and nudged the girl, Fayzah, with his soft muzzle.
"You first," whispered Fayzah, which Asmodeus' sharp ears heard easily. He nodded his head, causing his mane to shift position. Cautiously, he lowered his head, the tip of his muzzle touching the water. He tasted the water, then took a gulp of it. It tasted fresher than any refreshment he ever had. Suddenly, he started to glow. Asmodeus reared with excitment, then urged Fayzah to drink the wonderful water.
"D'kantor river..." trailed Fayzah's beautiful voice aimlessly. She cupped some of the water in her hands, and sipped it.
"Wonderful," said Fayzah, and drank the rest, and dried her hands down her torso. She started glowing. The unicorn and elf both smiled broadly. Asmodeus had one last rear, and as his hooves touched the ground softly yet again, he claimed the land as his.
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Claim of Akytor Forest
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