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  • Danger: Snowy Acres [Blizzards, Freezing]
  • No breeding or foaling
  • Places filled with snow, water will freeze up
  • Gloom woods extremely dangerous
  • Good place to go: Your own land, Places more to the south [Dew Drop Rainforest prefered by most horses]
  • Next season: Spring, starts August 12
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 Biggest Horse RPG Ever: Life of a horse

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PostSubject: Biggest Horse RPG Ever: Life of a horse   Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:19 pm

When you're a horse... What your life like? For Thoroughbreds it's mainly good care, training, and galloping for your life around a track. For Mustangs, it's born wild and fighting to stay wild. For riding ponies/horses, it's meeting someone new every week and being ridden and good care for your life. But has any of these horses met each other? Have the famous and fast Thoroughbreds ever met the wild and free Mustangs? Have the gentle and kind riding horses/ponies ever met the famous and fast Thoroughbreds? If they have, what's it been like? How will we ever know?


So with this RP, you get to be any horse you want! Any breed you want! And do what you want! [As long as it's realistic] I hope this will be a really big RP and very active! As it says in the title, it should be the Biggest Horse RPG Ever!!


Like a Star @ heaven We should all know each other, or meet each other [Or else it'll be boring!]
Like a Star @ heaven Please try to keep an equal amount of genders
Like a Star @ heaven Breeding & Foaling allowed [Not too detailed please]
Like a Star @ heaven Follow site rules
Like a Star @ heaven Don't worry about what level of RPing you are at! Everyone is welcome in this RP!
Like a Star @ heaven You can be whatever breed you like
Like a Star @ heaven You can be wild or stabled
Like a Star @ heaven Every event, Western and English, is allowed
Like a Star @ heaven Try keeping it at least a little bit realistic
Like a Star @ heaven You can have more than 1 horse
Like a Star @ heaven To keep it simple: HAVE TONS OF FUN!! =D


-It is actually a good idea to have both friends and enemies in this [Adds drama!]
-Help make this have all genres in it! Like, Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Action, Mystery, maybe a bit of Horror [XD]
-Don't take it extremely serious that it controls your life and takes over your world!! [I'm hyper..]
-Just have fun and enjoy the RP!


Show Name:
Barn Name:
Wild or Stabled:
Coat Color:
Eye Color:
Events [Stabled horses only]:
-None [Put Riding or if you pick this]:
Friends [You must agree with a player to be already friends with someone]:
Enemies [You must agree with a player to be already enemies with someone]:
Foals [Insert Picture and name]:
History [Optional]:


Show Name: Blue Skies Overhead
Barn Name: Blue
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Oldenburg
Wild or Stabled: Stabled
Coat Color: Dapple Grey
Eye Color: Brown
-Color: Grey/White
-Length: Down to hock
-Color: Grey/White
-Length: About 3 or 4 inches
Hooves: Pale/Cream
Events [Stabled horses only]:
-English: Show Jumping
-None [Put Riding or if you pick this]: And Riding
Friends [You must agree with a player to be already friends with someone] Opt.:
Enemies [You must agree with a player to be already enemies with someone] Opt.:
Foals [Insert Picture and name] Opt.:
Personality: Blue is a very friendly horse, at the same time he is quite loud and bubbly. Blue can sometimes be greedy, especially for treats and such. Blue is usually easy to make friends with, but it is not impossible to become an enemy of him, as he may get offended easily, and can be mean when in a bad mood or if someone is messing with him or his friends. Blue loves jumping and is always eager for a competition on it. Blue can spook at lots of things, most of those things include, cats, the bit, cats, predator animals, snakes, cats, a bunny, and did I mention cats? But all at the same time, he is also very curious, especially around horses that he just met or has never seen before.
History [Optional]: Born in a stable. Lived in a stable. Broken in. Become riding horse. Get spooked for the first time. Trained. Professional show jumper. Live in Stable.

Show Name:---
Barn Name: Arrow
Gender: Stallion
Breed: American Mustang
Wild or Stabled: Wild
Coat Color: Bay
Eye Color: Brown
-Color: Black
-Length: Down to fetlock
-Color: Black
-Length: 8 inches down, maybe longer
Hooves: Black/Grey/Cream
-Legs: White Sock on front left leg, black stockings on all other legs
-Face: Star & Stripe
-Body: None
Events [Stabled horses only]:--
-None [Put Riding or if you pick this]:
Friends [You must agree with a player to be already friends with someone]:
Enemies [You must agree with a player to be already enemies with someone]:
Foals [Insert Picture and name]:
Personality: You know wild. Too lazy to fill out T.T
History [Optional]: Born wild, lived in herd, now has no herd and is a loner. Was always wild


Note - I dont own any of the pictures.

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Biggest Horse RPG Ever: Life of a horse
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